Saving our soil, nourishing ourselves

Poultry compost at the Cutting Veg

Multiple studies have shown that over the past few decades the nutritional content of our fruits and vegetables has declined, while the practice of industrial agriculture has grown.  I would argue that only in recent human history has the relationship between human and land changed from one of co-dependence to one of commodity.  We view our land not for what it can offer us mentally, spiritually, and physically, but for how much money we can make from it either as private property (real estate), or farming.  This shift in our relationship to our land has caused us the most harm.  We have been ignoring the needs of our land. We have over used and abused its resources.  We are now eating nutritionally impoverished foods as a consequence.  Soil is our plant’s food, and if we don’t take care of it-allow its biodiversity to flourish and promote its structure-it will not take care of us.  It is our duty to restore as much as we can to our land, not for the land’s sake, but for ours.

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