Mycelium Running

Mushrooms growing on straw bales


6 Ways Mushrooms can Save the Earth

It is rare that I get very excited by something.  In fact, I’m a pretty laid back person.  While a lot of things make me very happy, not a whole lot make me extremely excited.  This video is a grand exception.  It’s got me riled up!  It’s incredible to me the types of resources we have to be able to have sustained human life on this planet.  This video is proof of how 1–the current path we’re on leads us to the demise of humanity, and 2–that we have all the resources necessary to save ourselves.

I love people, objects, art, anything that makes me realize these two points simultaneously, and still find it in themselves to make me feel like I can actually do something about it.  It’s talks like this that makes me so excited to start planning for and creating my homestead in my mind, and in paper.  It is astounding to me, when I think about it, that I have the privilege to plan my homestead and figure out what I’m going to do on it to help mother earth forgive the damage I have caused to her.

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