Worm Composting

Before the harvest

Alas the day to harvest my castings has come. Since June 14th I have been patiently waiting as my worms reproduce en masse, eat all the food scraps and newspaper I left in their bin, and finally produce a wonderful black rich soil, the best thing that can be sprinkled over our mother earth.

Picking out the worms, and eggs bit by bit...

Harvesting the castings was a bit more involved than I had imagined.  I dumped the black soil onto a piece of plastic bit by bit and I carefully picked out every worm and worm egg that I saw.  The entire process took 2 full days.  In the future I will try another method to see if I can cut down on time harvesting.

And my worms are now at it again.  With a fresh new bin full of bedding (newspaper), some pumpkin guts, apple pulp and lettuce, I will be harvesting more rich soil from them soon!

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